Monday Weigh-In + Non-Scale Victories

weigh in

Hey Beauties!

In general this month I have had more energy and my cardio workouts seem to be getting easier! I have also noticed my clothes feel a little better!

Although this month has been generally great, I will say that I did indulge a little bit last week. One of my friends was in town and a few other life situations led me to not follow my usual lifestyle (excuses excuses!) As I always say I aim to eat clean 100%, I end up eating clean about 85%, and then there are situations where life gets in the way.

So this morning when I weighed myself the scale did say 173.5 lbs which would mean I gained 4.5lbs! (Yikes!) That may not be totally accurate there might be some excess water in that number who knows. I saw the number, I can’t really get mad. I know what type of life I was living last week (haha).

Anyway I am leaving last week in the past and I’m back to my regular lifestyle. I did do a cleanse/detox on Saturday to help me get back into my lifestyle. My energy is up a bit and now I just need to keep going!

Have you slipped up in your weight loss journey? What did you do to help you get back on track?

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3 ways my life changed after losing weight

 my life changed after weight loss

As many of you know since last spring I have been taking health and fitness very seriously. I have embarked on a weight loss journey and I have lost 37 lbs. I do have 35 lbs to go so I am half way there. However, since I have lost a substantial amount of weight I wanted to talk about how my life has changed or is changing. I know a lot of people wonder what life will be like after they lose weight and although I am not at my goal weight I still have noticed some big changes in my life. So here they are.

1. Energy

Since losing weight I have so much energy and this is the most important change I have noticed. The energy have now fuels the other changes I have been noticing after losing weight. Waking up in the morning is easier. I have more energy during the day, more energy to walk around and to work out.

2. Career Kickstart

Since I have more energy I was able to put more effort into my career. I had the energy and confidence to make the transition from IT to teaching. I have more energy to focus on continuing my education to further my career.

3.Clothes Fit Better

This is the change that I really love. There’s nothing like donating or selling clothes that are too big. There is nothing like going into a store and picking something out and fitting into it. And there’s nothing like watching your pants’ size go down. The clothes I have fit better and it is easier for me to find clothes in stores.

Generally the more weight I lose the more energy I have and the more I can do. The more I can do the happier I get. Now my beauties please do not get it twisted after you lose weight your life may not be all berries and gold (is anyone’s life truly perfect?) I am on a weight loss journey which has ups, downs, turns and stalls but I can say for the most part after losing weight I generally feel better and I have more happy moments in my life which is wonderful!

What changes have you noticed after you lost weight? What do you think your life will be like after you lose weight?

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How I lost 37lbs! Still losing! (Updated Health & Fitness Routine!)

Me and Docsunlightbeauty

Before: 4”11 about 198lbs              After: 4″11 about 170lbs (Current! still losing! -28lbs)

Hey my beauties! I wanted to come and give you loves an update on my weight loss, fitness and health journey. Last time I updated you guys I was following a SparkPeople meal plan and then I did Weight Watchers for awhile. I lost about 10lbs but I put it back on so last spring I went to see a medical doctor and nutritionist to get serious about my weight loss and health.

As many of you know last year I lost 37lbs by following my doctor and nutrtionist’s high fiber, low fat lifestyle while making sure to walk at least 10,000 steps a day and incorporating cardio and strength training three times a week.

Well life happened. I switched jobs, travelled a little and a few other excuses we all use and I gained 14.5lbs back! I was so bummed but I am happy I did not gain all of the weight back! I brushed myself off at the begnning of April this year and had a heart to heart with myself and decided that this fall and winter wasn’t the best set of decisions but it was a part of my journey and in the end I will get to where I want to be. So since April I have lost 6.5 lbs and I am 8lbs away from where I was last year! I would ultimately like to be about 135lbs or 125lbs but I am truly working to have a body that is fit, toned and lean at whatever weight. I am also big on non-scale victories!

So I am going to talk to you guys about what I am doing to lose weight which includes my health and fitness routines. I will tell you what I eat (generally) and how I am getting fit.

What I Eat

1. I follow a high fiber, low fat lifestyle and mostly eat clean, real whole foods.

3. I drink 8- 10 cups of water daily.

4. I take hair skin nails vitamins, daily vitamins and calcium.

Fitness Routine

1. I take at least 10,000 steps a day.

3. I do at least 30 mins of cardio 3 times a week.

4. I do strength training 3 times a week

This is pretty much my general fitness and health routine! I am down 29lbs! and I am still losing. Eating clean, strength training and cardio are my weapons! If you have any questions or you want me to go into specifics in another post let me know in the comments section!

How do you stay fit? Are you on a weight loss, fitness or health journey?

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5 things to know before you start dieting

hunger for change

While sitting in jury duty today I decided to finally pop open my Netflix app on my phone and watch Hunger for Change. For those of you who do not know, Hunger for Change is a documentary that reveals the food industries’ secrets and strategies that keep consumers overweight and unhealthy. I really enjoyed this documentary and I learned a lot of new things that I will be incorporating into my lifestyle. As you guys know I am on a health and weight loss journey. I follow a mostly high fiber, low fat lifestyle which was suggested to me by my medical doctor and nutritionist. However, for the past month, I have been moving towards a more clean eating lifestyle. (I will have an Updated Weight Loss and Fitness post up soon!)

Anyway, after watching Hunger for Change, it inspired me to come up with 5 things to know before you start dieting as a way to summarize the documentary and tell you the 5 takeaways I got from Hunger for Change.

1. Stop Dieting

Losing weight, getting fit and healthy is about lifestyle changes. Dieting is temporary. You might lose the weight but then it could come back with more once you stop dieting. Create a lifestyle change so you do not need to worry about gaining the weight back.

2. Say, “I can but I don’t” vs “I can’t”

If I say to myself I can’t have McDonalds it’s going to make me want it more! So instead it’s better to say, “I can have McDonalds but I don’t because….” This way you are taking control and do not feel restricted. Also finding alternative options to foods you “don’t” eat helps you to feel less deprived.

3. Add in Healthy Foods

When we delcare that we want to be healthy or change the way we eat a lot of us go straight to Whole Foods load up on the veggies and fruits and then feel totally deprived within a day or so. If changing your eating habits all at once is difficult for you, try adding in healthy choices bit by bit until healthy choices overide the not-so healthy choices.

4. Processed Foods are not your friends

Simply put processed foods for the most part are not good for you. Eat real whole foods and limit or eliminate processed foods. Also check the labels on foods. There are a lot of foods that are marketed as healthy but actually are not!

5. Avoid food when you are stressed/emotional

This is a big one. A lot of us are emotional eaters and many of us are addicted to food (all thanks to the chemicals that are put in our foods by the food industry according to Hunger for Change) When you are stressed or emotional avoid food, instead take a nap, exercise or watch a comedy to boost you spirits!

Remember: We are all human, we will go through ups and downs and we are not perfect. Everyday I am learning and my goal everyday is to get better! If we fall we just need to pick ourselves back up again. We can do this! #healthyliving

Have you watched  Hunger for Change? What were your thoughts on the documentary?

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My Food/ Workout Diary for 1/28

What I Ate on 1/28

  • Iced Coffee (small)
  • Cream Cheese (1tbsp)
  • Everything Bagel
  • Watermelon
  • Steak Burrito Bowl
  • Cheeseburger
  • Fries (Small)

I used 35 points that day.  I used 29 of my daily points and the rest I took from my activity points.


Went shopping all afternoon with a friend and earned 10 activity points from walking around. 🙂