Black Up Cosmetics in Sephora!!









Pictures from the Black Up Cosmetics display in Brooklyn NYC. Not all Black Up products shown. They offer way more at the display and online!

If you don’t know…now you know you knooooooow! Black Up Cosmetics is now available at Sephora! Woot Woot! Black Up Cosmetics is French-based but now is available in the US! A lot of beauty bloggers of color have been raving about this brand and I am so happy it is now available at Sephora! The brand is available on and at select Sephora stores. I saw the Black Up Cosmetics brand at the Sephora in Brooklyn while I was in the area for Beautycon NYC! Psst, click here to see how much fun I had at Beautycon NYC! Anywhooo, let me be really real with you guys I didn’t actually buy any of the Black Up Cosmetics because I had  bought a bunch of beauty and makeup products during my trip and I didn’t want to over do it ( I over do makeup shopping a lot but luckily I had a good friend with me to slow me down!)  I did however swatch a bunch of their stuff and let me tell you something I will be purchasing EVERYTHING THEY HAVE haha. Their prices are around  $20 to $45 which is not bad for a high end high quality makeup brand made for women of color. And don’t let the brightness from my Samsung S5 camera fool you the colors in Black Up Cosmetics are deeeeeeep!  So go out and get you some Black Up Cosmetics or else I’m taking an Uber to your house and dragging you to your computer to go and buy some. I’m not playing with y’all! Haha.

Have you seen or tried Black Up Cosmetics? Are you excited about it?

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E.L.F Pressed Mineral Powder Foundation Deep

elf-pressed-mineral-foundation-deep discontinued

Wearing the E.L.F Pressed Mineral Powder Foundation Deep ($12.49)

I could fry chicken for a whole village with my oily skin. Yes, I just said that. I don’t know what it is but I get so oily year round with or without makeup or a fancy oil controlling primer. I have learned to live with my oily skin but lately for everyday makeup I have been wearing powder foundation. I find that I don’t get as oily with powder foundation and let’s be honest, sometimes I just do not feel like blending out liquid foundation especially if it was #armday at the gym the day before #strengthtraining #whyamiusinghashtagsinmypostrightnow #anywaaaay….

I usually use Mac Studio Fix Powder Foundation in NW 50 ($27) but I recently picked up the E.L.F Mineral Powder Foundation in Deep just because I like buying makeup even if I already have something similar to it.That’s just how I roll.

E.L.F says it’s:

  • long-lasting
  • lightweight coverage
  • hydrating
  • creates silky smooth texture
  • blendable
  • for everyday wear
  • helps to nourish skill for revitalized feel

 elf pressed powder foundation deep swatch on dark skin

Don’t be scared by the color! I was too when I first saw it and swatched the color. It definitely blends into the skin. I will admit it isn’t the best color for my summer time tan but this color will be a winner when I have my winter color back!

I apply 2-4 layers of the this powder foundation with the E.L.F Powder Brush. After I spray my face with the E.L.F Makeup Mist & Set to get rid of the powder look so it gives a natural skin like finish.

Unfortunately, this foundation has been discontinued on the E.L.F website but it’s available on my Amazon store! Shop Sunlight Beauty Amazon Store. It’s only $12.49 at my Amazon store! Go and try it!

elf foundation deep

No makeup

simple everyday makeup look dark skin

E.L.F Powder Foundation with filled in eyebrows,mascara and lip gloss!

My thoughts!

I just love affordable base makeup for deep skin. It is really hard to find especially this foundation since it’s discontinued. But don’t forget you can get the powder foundation at my Amazon store  Shop Sunlight Beauty Amazon Store! I also love the finish of the powder foundation. It looks smooth and polished and it looks great in photos! It feels lightweight on the skin and because of that I could totally see myself wearing this everyday. Since I have very oily skin nothing is really long-lasting on my skin but if I use a good primer underneath and blot throughout the day it holds up okay! All in all this powder foundation is worth a try. Get it while it’s still available on my store!!

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Ambi CC Cream

ambi cc cream reviews

A few months ago I stumbled upon the Ambi CC Cream at a Walgreens near me. There was a small display in one of the beauty aisles and I was so excited I immediately put it in my basket. “Just throw it in the bag!”  Anyway… haha. I actually haven’t seen a drugstore cc cream for people with darker skin so I am so happy that I found this one! If you are confused about what a cc cream is let me break it down for you!

What is the difference between foundation, tinted moisturizer, bb cream, cc cream and dd cream?

Foundation: base makeup used to even skintone and cover blemishes

Tinted Moisturizer: has a little bit of color while providing moisture

BB Cream: provides coverage and has skin care like SPF, more coverage than tinted moisturizer less coverage than foundation

CC Cream: has lighter coverage than a bb cream and color correcting properties

DD Cream: stands for dynamic do all and or daily defense, basically it is a bb and cc cream with anti-aging properties

ambi cc cream medium dark

Swatch of Ambi CC Cream Medium/Dark

Ambi CC Cream

Specially formulated to match the rich tones of women of color, NEW! AMBI® EVEN & CLEAR CC+ Cream Even Tone & Environmental Shield contains argan oil, shea butter, and antioxidants to moisturize the skin. This multitasking CC+ Cream features broad spectrum SPF 30 sunscreen protection from UV sun rays without a gray or ashy look.

AMBI® CC+ Cream is designed to even skin tone instantly with soft focus technology, while helping to shield your skin from environmental elements that may cause uneven skin tone, dry out the skin, and accelerate fine lines and wrinkles.

-Information from Ambi Website

ambi cc cream swatch

Swatch of Ambi CC Cream Medium/Dark

DIRECTIONS FOR USE: Apply generously and blend over face and neck 15 minutes before sun exposure; reapply at least every 2 hours. Use a water-resistant sunscreen when swimming or sweating.

SHADES: Light/Medium and Medium/Dark

RETAIL PRICE: $8.99 USD (1.7 oz tube) You can get the ambi cc cream at my Sunlight Beauty Amazon Store for only $4.80!

-Information from Ambi Website

ambi cc cream blended swatch

Blended Swatch of Ambi CC Cream Medium/Dark

ambi cc cream before

Me without makeup

ambi cc cream blending

Applying the CC Cream

ambi cc cream first layer

Ambi CC Cream (1 layer)

ambi cc cream second layer

Ambi CC Cream ( 2 layers)

ambi cc cream 3 layers

Ambi CC Cream (3 layers)

ambi cc cream full face

Ambi CC Cream with makeup on top

ambi cc cream highlight and contour

Ambi CC Cream with other makeup on top

ambi cc cream milani lipstick

Ambi CC Cream with other makeup and glasses!

My thoughts!

I wore the Ambi CC Cream in the way I would wear foundation so I didn’t reapply the cc cream every two hours. I applied it with the ELF Powder Brush which really did a good job of blending the cc cream into my skin. The cc cream feels really light on my skin. It almost feels like nothing is on my face. It doesn’t feel overly moisturizing or greasy I think it provides a bit of moisture but not too much which is perfect for my oily skin. The Ambi CC Cream has a skin like finish to me. It was not dewy or matte, it just looked like skin. I have oily skin so I would set the cc cream but if you have normal to dry  skin you might be able to get away with just setting your tzone or not even setting it at all. It has a sheer coverage but is build-able to light/medium coverage. I personally like light to medium coverage but if you prefer full coverage you can use concealer and or a powder foundation on top. After just one layer of the cc cream my skin tone was pretty much even. The 2nd and 3rd layers started to cover more of my dark spots. Usually I use a color corrector around my mouth to color correct my hyper-pigmentation but with this Ambi CC Cream I did not color correct before hand and it came out good. I don’t really need to color correct with this cc cream which is great since cc creams are suppose to color correct for you in theory. The shade is not a perfect match. I am currently a Mac NW50 or a little darker since its summer and I have a tan. I feel like in the winter this color will suit me better. The medium/dark shade blends very nicely with only one layer on my skin but it looks a little yellow and a tad bit off when I add the 2nd and 3rd layers. I hope Ambi comes out with a dark/deep shade that is a little richer and redder. I feel like when I put on all my other makeup the cc cream seemed to look like a better match. All in all I like this cc cream. It didn’t break me out, it feels light, it’s blendable and buildable! Get the ambi cc cream here on sale for $4.80!

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Maybelline Master Conceal Medium/Deep on DARK BROWN SKIN (First Impression)

maybelline master conceal medium dark swatch on dark skin

Maybelline FaceStudio Master Conceal Medium/Deep Swatch

Top: Blended

Middle: Smeared

Bottom: Dot right from the tube

Right: The Maybelline Master Conceal Medium/Deep Product

no makeup dark skin

AH! Me without makeup!

I have dark circles/discoloration under my eyes and a few dark marks and hyper-pigmentation on my face but since this concealer is so light I will only be using it to highlight not to conceal my face.

maybelline master conceal highlight dark skin

Without any makeup on my face I applied the concealer with my finger in the center of my forehead, under my eyebrows (not on top! I did not want halo eyebrows!), under my eyes, down my nose, cupid’s bow, and the center of my chin.

Maybelline says this about its Master Conceal: 

“Master Conceal by Face Studio from Maybelline New York is a master concealer. Their formula camouflages imperfections and dark circles with ultra-resistant full coverage. Maximum conceal. No reveal.”

maybelline master conceal on dark skin

I used The Real Techniques Face brush to blend out the Master Conceal (it is very light!)

I used LA Girl Concealer in Dark Cocoa to contour the sides of my forehead, sides of my nose, cheekbones and chin area.

Makeup Tip: I didn’t use a very dark contour color because the highlight was so light and dramatic. I didn’t want to look to harsh. Plus it is a makeup artist pro tip to focus on highlighting dark skin rather than focusing on contouring it!

Maybelline suggests using Master Conceal in this way:

“Use precision tip to squeeze pea-sized amount onto fingertips and apply to imperfections or under eyes. Gently pat and blend until desired coverage is achieved.”

maybelline master conceal on deep skin

To blend everything together  I applied my base makeup on top of my highlight and contour. I used the Kiss BB Cream in Medium/Dark it is a medium/full coverage bb cream. I applied this BB cream all over my face including the areas where I highlighted and contoured. I normally highlight and contour on top of base makeup but since this Master Conceal was so light I had to apply my base makeup on top of it to help blend it into my skin.

maybelline master concealer makeuo review

Since my highlight and contour came out quite dramatic I decided to finish off the look with some more drama.

You guys know I love clean/natural or light makeup but I do sometimes like to “beat” my face!

I did a full face. I filled in my eyebrows. Applied eye shadow, winged liner and fake lashes. I set my highlight and contour with a powder. I also applied bronzer, blush, shimmer highlight, lip-liner, lipstick and lip-gloss!

I hope you guys like this look and this first impression. I am a clean or light makeup type of girl but I am perfecting my beat face for you beauties!

My First Impression

The Color:

This color is very light even though the shade says medium/deep. I feel like this color is about 5 or more shades lighter than my actual skin tone. I like to highlight with a shade lighter and 2 shades lighter for a night time look. You can make this Maybelline concealer work if you use the technique I used wish was to highlight underneath your foundation/bb cream or whatever base makeup you use. Even with this technique if you are my skin color you will still have a dramatic highlight but it will be wearable and actually quite beautiful for a night time face.


It was a little dry so it can be a little tricky to blend but it’s not too bad. If you work fast with the product or spray your brush with water or a makeup spray you should be fine! I feel like since it’s a drier formula it would be good for oily skin (that’s great because I have oily skin!) People have been saying that the concealer creases. I only had the concealer on for about an hour and I did not noticed any creasing.


I feel like this concealer was very full coverage. It covered my dark circles and discoloration beautifully. I didn’t need to use a color corrector! Try not to put too much on because the coverage is high! A little goes a long way!


I like that this is in a squeeze tube so I didn’t have to get my fingers in the concealer and contaminate the product. The squeeze tube allows you to easily control how much product you want to come out.


$8.99. This is a good price for a concealer but if you are my skin tone you could always go toward high-end products for great no fuss natural or dramatic highlighting products that flatter and work effortlessly. If you are on a budget and my skin tone getting this concealer might make sense just remember to apply base makeup on top or you could even mix the Master Conceal with a dark concealer to make it work. I do feel Cover Girl Queen Collection, Iman, Black Radiance, Black Opal and maybe a few other drugstore makeup brands have some affordable concealers that might be easier to work with and have a better color match.

Final Thoughts:

If you are my skin tone and you like a natural highlight this may not be the concealer color for you (medium/dark is the darkest shade btw). If you like a dramatic highlight or you are looking for a night time highlight color I would give this a try. Just remember highlight underneath your base makeup! For me this is not a go to everyday concealer but I will be using it for night time looks.

What did you think of this Maybelline Master Conceal on me? Have you tried this concealer? How did you like it?

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First Impressions/Review: Maybelline Brow Drama Sculpting Brow Mascara

maybelline brow gel

Maybelline Brow Drama Sculpting Brow Mascara (Deep Brown):  “Bold and sculpted? How’s that for brow drama? Maybelline New York Eye Studio Brow Drama Sculpting Brow Mascara is Maybelline’s first brow mascara that defines arches with the first-ever Sculpting Ball Brush. A colored gel tints brows and provides an even, natural, comfortable hold. No clumping. No flaking.” – Description of Maybelline Brow Drama Sculpting Brow Mascara

brow drama brush

Price/Where to Buy: I purchased this product at CVS Pharmacy on Newbury Street in Boston,MA for $8.99. The product was on display on a top shelf in the cosmetic aisle.

bare eyebrows

My bare eyebrows, freshly waxed, no product

The Bad: This product gradually fills and darkens my eyebrows. I had to keep applying the gel until I got my desired result. I believe I ran the brush through my eyebrows about 10 – 15 times for several minutes.The color deep brown looks like medium brown in the tube but it still darkened my eyebrows. If you have very sparse eyebrows you may not see results with this product. The tail of my eyebrows are sparse so I have to concentrate the product on the tail and brush it out but I was able to see results with this method.

maybelline brow gel deep brown

My eyebrows after using many applications of Maybelline Brow Drama Sculpting Brow Mascara

The Good: This brow gel gives the brows a very natural look. The product fills in brows and darkens them. It has great hold. You could even use another product to fill and darken your eyebrows like a pencil or a pomade and use this brow gel to set and hold the brow in place. However, you can still use this brow gel on it’s own. The brow gel does not clump or flake.  The product is also affordable. It also defined my arches beautifully.

Overall: I really enjoyed how natural my eyebrows looked after using this product but 10 to 15 applications to get it to fill in and darken my eyebrows is too long. I would use this product for when I really wanted a natural looking brow and if I had enough time to apply this brow gel. I think this product will be most effective on normal to thick eyebrows, freshly waxed, threaded or tweezed eyebrows and blonde to light brown eyebrows. For now I will use this product as a setting gel. I would give the Maybelline Brow Drama Sculpting Brow Mascara a solid B.

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