E.L.F Pressed Mineral Powder Foundation Deep

elf-pressed-mineral-foundation-deep discontinued

Wearing the E.L.F Pressed Mineral Powder Foundation Deep ($12.49)

I could fry chicken for a whole village with my oily skin. Yes, I just said that. I don’t know what it is but I get so oily year round with or without makeup or a fancy oil controlling primer. I have learned to live with my oily skin but lately for everyday makeup I have been wearing powder foundation. I find that I don’t get as oily with powder foundation and let’s be honest, sometimes I just do not feel like blending out liquid foundation especially if it was #armday at the gym the day before #strengthtraining #whyamiusinghashtagsinmypostrightnow #anywaaaay….

I usually use Mac Studio Fix Powder Foundation in NW 50 ($27) but I recently picked up the E.L.F Mineral Powder Foundation in Deep just because I like buying makeup even if I already have something similar to it.That’s just how I roll.

E.L.F says it’s:

  • long-lasting
  • lightweight coverage
  • hydrating
  • creates silky smooth texture
  • blendable
  • for everyday wear
  • helps to nourish skill for revitalized feel

 elf pressed powder foundation deep swatch on dark skin

Don’t be scared by the color! I was too when I first saw it and swatched the color. It definitely blends into the skin. I will admit it isn’t the best color for my summer time tan but this color will be a winner when I have my winter color back!

I apply 2-4 layers of the this powder foundation with the E.L.F Powder Brush. After I spray my face with the E.L.F Makeup Mist & Set to get rid of the powder look so it gives a natural skin like finish.

Unfortunately, this foundation has been discontinued on the E.L.F website but it’s available on my Amazon store! Shop Sunlight Beauty Amazon Store. It’s only $12.49 at my Amazon store! Go and try it!

elf foundation deep

No makeup

simple everyday makeup look dark skin

E.L.F Powder Foundation with filled in eyebrows,mascara and lip gloss!

My thoughts!

I just love affordable base makeup for deep skin. It is really hard to find especially this foundation since it’s discontinued. But don’t forget you can get the powder foundation at my Amazon store  Shop Sunlight Beauty Amazon Store! I also love the finish of the powder foundation. It looks smooth and polished and it looks great in photos! It feels lightweight on the skin and because of that I could totally see myself wearing this everyday. Since I have very oily skin nothing is really long-lasting on my skin but if I use a good primer underneath and blot throughout the day it holds up okay! All in all this powder foundation is worth a try. Get it while it’s still available on my store!!

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