Preps with Big Hair





If I could go back to my prep school days in Weston, MA I would have switched out my Abercrombie & Fitch graphic tees for an outfit like this. This look is so me; clean,simple,classic and comfortable with a little funk (the big hair!) These photographs were taken in Boston, MA in Beacon Hill.

Photos by Jamie Ditaranto

Wearing: Necklace Gifted, Sweater H&M,  Pants Banana Republic, Flats Forever 21, Nail Polish OPI Christmas Gone Plaid

Eggplant Vest & Olive Pants





I love fall! I love the cool air, leaves and apple picking, #pumpkineverything! What I really love the most about fall is the colors.  I Iive for deep greens, purples, oranges and yellows. In this look I wanted to put together a comfortable and warm outfit with some of my favorite fall colors mixed together. Also I am wearing these super comfortable riding boots that were made for wide calves. I love a good pair of wide calf riding boots! P.S. The photos were taken in the Boston Common!

Photos by Jamie Ditaranto

Wearing: Necklace H&M, Sweater Vest Style&Co, Long Sleeve Primark, Jeggings Uniqlo, Boots Payless, Nail Polish OPI Christmas Gone Plaid

Sparkly Necklace & Green Flats






Photos by Jamie Ditaranto

I wanted to start off my new style section of my blog by showing you my current favorite fall outfit. I call it casual glam since I put together ripped jeans and a statement necklace! I added in the green flats for a pop of color! I love the fall especially here in Boston. The foliage is so pretty! These pictures were taken in the Public Garden over the weekend. Let me just tell you I love laughing and throwing leaves around. Have you ever tried it? It feels like you are stuck in a fall Pinterest thumbnail! Well I hope you guys enjoyed my first style post. There is more to come and don’t worry I will still be blogging about makeup!

Wearing: Necklace H&M, Sweater Forever 21+, Jeans American Eagle, Flats Primark, Nail Polish OPI Christmas Gone Plaid

Black Up Cosmetics in Sephora!!









Pictures from the Black Up Cosmetics display in Brooklyn NYC. Not all Black Up products shown. They offer way more at the display and online!

If you don’t know…now you know you knooooooow! Black Up Cosmetics is now available at Sephora! Woot Woot! Black Up Cosmetics is French-based but now is available in the US! A lot of beauty bloggers of color have been raving about this brand and I am so happy it is now available at Sephora! The brand is available on and at select Sephora stores. I saw the Black Up Cosmetics brand at the Sephora in Brooklyn while I was in the area for Beautycon NYC! Psst, click here to see how much fun I had at Beautycon NYC! Anywhooo, let me be really real with you guys I didn’t actually buy any of the Black Up Cosmetics because I had  bought a bunch of beauty and makeup products during my trip and I didn’t want to over do it ( I over do makeup shopping a lot but luckily I had a good friend with me to slow me down!)  I did however swatch a bunch of their stuff and let me tell you something I will be purchasing EVERYTHING THEY HAVE haha. Their prices are around  $20 to $45 which is not bad for a high end high quality makeup brand made for women of color. And don’t let the brightness from my Samsung S5 camera fool you the colors in Black Up Cosmetics are deeeeeeep!  So go out and get you some Black Up Cosmetics or else I’m taking an Uber to your house and dragging you to your computer to go and buy some. I’m not playing with y’all! Haha.

Have you seen or tried Black Up Cosmetics? Are you excited about it?

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Beautycon NYC Haul 2015

beautycon nyc haul

beautycon nyc haul 2015

beautycon haul

Hey guys! This is most of the stuff that I got at Beautycon NYC. A lot of this stuff was given to me. Brands were just spraying out free samples like water at a public park and I was just drinking the water endlessly. Needless to say I ended up with tons of products (not pictured) that I gave away to other beauties in my life. I also bought  some stuff from the Ricky’s table which is the ultimate beauty supply store in NY that sells everything including a lot of Instagram makeup brands like Gerard Cosmetics, Morphe Brushes, Dose of Colors and so much more! I am so proud of myself, I didn’t really buy that much mainly because Beautycon NYC seemed to be more about meeting Youtubers, taking selfies and getting free samples (which I really loved all of that!) I buy enough makeup in my everyday life so it’s nice to have a little break. Anyway I hope you guys enjoyed this post.

Have you gotten any cool samples lately? Spill the beans.What was it? Where did you get it? Is there more for me to get? Tell me!

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