5 things to know before you start dieting

hunger for change

While sitting in jury duty today I decided to finally pop open my Netflix app on my phone and watch Hunger for Change. For those of you who do not know, Hunger for Change is a documentary that reveals the food industries’ secrets and strategies that keep consumers overweight and unhealthy. I really enjoyed this documentary and I learned a lot of new things that I will be incorporating into my lifestyle. As you guys know I am on a health and weight loss journey. I follow a mostly high fiber, low fat lifestyle which was suggested to me by my medical doctor and nutritionist. However, for the past month, I have been moving towards a more clean eating lifestyle. (I will have an Updated Weight Loss and Fitness post up soon!)

Anyway, after watching Hunger for Change, it inspired me to come up with 5 things to know before you start dieting as a way to summarize the documentary and tell you the 5 takeaways I got from Hunger for Change.

1. Stop Dieting

Losing weight, getting fit and healthy is about lifestyle changes. Dieting is temporary. You might lose the weight but then it could come back with more once you stop dieting. Create a lifestyle change so you do not need to worry about gaining the weight back.

2. Say, “I can but I don’t” vs “I can’t”

If I say to myself I can’t have McDonalds it’s going to make me want it more! So instead it’s better to say, “I can have McDonalds but I don’t because….” This way you are taking control and do not feel restricted. Also finding alternative options to foods you “don’t” eat helps you to feel less deprived.

3. Add in Healthy Foods

When we delcare that we want to be healthy or change the way we eat a lot of us go straight to Whole Foods load up on the veggies and fruits and then feel totally deprived within a day or so. If changing your eating habits all at once is difficult for you, try adding in healthy choices bit by bit until healthy choices overide the not-so healthy choices.

4. Processed Foods are not your friends

Simply put processed foods for the most part are not good for you. Eat real whole foods and limit or eliminate processed foods. Also check the labels on foods. There are a lot of foods that are marketed as healthy but actually are not!

5. Avoid food when you are stressed/emotional

This is a big one. A lot of us are emotional eaters and many of us are addicted to food (all thanks to the chemicals that are put in our foods by the food industry according to Hunger for Change) When you are stressed or emotional avoid food, instead take a nap, exercise or watch a comedy to boost you spirits!

Remember: We are all human, we will go through ups and downs and we are not perfect. Everyday I am learning and my goal everyday is to get better! If we fall we just need to pick ourselves back up again. We can do this! #healthyliving

Have you watched  Hunger for Change? What were your thoughts on the documentary?

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