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Beautycon NYC was so amazing! The beauty conference was yesterday October 17, 2015. There were so many different cosmetic brands there selling and giving out free products! Also a lot of Youtubers were there. It was Youtube beauty guru heaven. There were music performances one being Jojo. I also really liked taking selfies at all the selfie stations. I live beauty and I am so happy I had a chance to go to Beautycon!

Did you go to Beautycon this year? How’d you like it?

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16 thoughts on “Beautycon NYC Experience

  1. I did and I was slightly disappointed because I thought they would be more vendors. I am a youtube fan but I am not like a super fan girl (I went with a friend who was). I did enjoy getting some of the samples and the cool merch from the Korean skincare spot and getting la splash liquid lipsticks. I would go to do something next year and see how it expands.

    • I hear you. I thought there would have been more vendors but I was kind of relieved that there weren’t that many so I wouldn’t go nuts with my spending haha. I loved getting free products and I bought a bunch of stuff from the Ricky’s vendor. I love Ricky’s!!! I am a youtube fangirl so I loved meeting youtubers and taking selfies! I can totally see your point though. You might like imats better since there’s more shopping. Have you ever been to imats?

      • I sorry my comments , I pressed send from my phone. I think that Beautycon could improve with youtubers who have a niche subject like hair or woc beauty or techies interested in beauty so they can help teach you about making a better video. There was so much more that could have been done

      • Yah I would have been interested in learning more about the tech part of beauty. Hopefully Beautycon will do more things like that in the future. I am always looking to learn more about blogging so I read a lot of ebooks and take tech classes so I would be really happy if Beautycon did like mini classes or panels on topics like lighting 101, SEO for beauty blogging things like that.

    • Thanks! There were panels but I didn’t really sit in on them. There was so much going on that I focused on meeting youtubers and visiting the brand tables. I was so focused on getting products and meeting my favorite bloggers I was too excited to sit and listen to panels I was all over the place with my selfie stick and wallet haha.

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