Cocotique Beauty Box (April 2015)

cocotique april 2015

  • Cocotique is a monthly beauty subscription box
  • It can include makeup, hair, skin & nail products
  • Sometimes includes deluxe samples and full size products
  • Worth of the bag is about $50-$85
  • Costs $20/monthly

Products in April 2015 Box (Theme: Rebirth & Renewal)

harvey prince perfume

Shea Moisture Renewal Shampoo & Hair Masque Superfruit Complex 10-in-1 Renewal System

Harvey Prince Journey Perfume

nude deep conditioner

Dermae Soothing Moisturizing Creme

Nude Hydrating & Nourishing Deep Conditioner

acai brazallian dry oil

Trinity Butta

Acai Brazillian Dry Oil

Revlon Bold Lacquer Mascara

Here is what I got in my April box! Let me give you a quick run down on the products and my thoughts on them! I am a huge fan of Shea Moisture so I am so excited that there is a sample in this box! I have a lot of hair so single foil packets on their own are usually not enough for my long, thick super kinky hair so I combine different hair foil packets to make a custom deep conditioner. Click here to see how I do that! I blogged about it! The Harvey Prince perfume smells amazing! Love it! Cocotique has sent us the Nude deep conditioner before and I love this stuff. I use it on my leave out as a deep conditioner since it is so moisturizing and my leave out tends to get very very dry. I passed along the Dermae samples to a friend just because my skincare draw is overflowing with skincare foil samples, ( I have a problem haha). I am excited to try the Trinity Butta and the Acai Brazillan Dry Oil! I’ve never heard of a dry oil before it sounds cool. I believe Cocotique sent us a Revlon Bold Lacquer Mascara in a previous box but I am not totally sure. Again my mascara draw is overflowing so I passed this along to a friend. I am totally that friend that likes to pass along certain items from my beauty boxes. I’m like, “Hey! My Cocotique box came. I love their boxes so much! I have too many mascaras want this one they sent this month!?” My friends are lucky to have me!

Products I Like (7/7): 6

Products I Will For Sure Use (7/7): 5

Products I Can Actually Use (7/7): 7

Box Design (7/7): 7

Theme Concept (7/7): 6

Score Total: 6.2

So, I give this box a B+ Good Job Cocotique!

Check out my reviews on past Cocotique boxes!

Beauties, Cocotique is a must-have, I highly recommend you subscribe!

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