E.L.F Haul!

elf haul 2015 new products

Hello my Beauties! Here is all the products that I purchased on eyeslipsface.com (E.L.F). When I bought these items their was a promotion going on where if you spent $25 or $35 you could get free shipping! I decided to take advantage of this promotion since E.L.F has some new products and some general items that I had heard about that I really wanted to try. You guys know I am no stranger to E.L.F. It is one of my favorite make up brands! BTdubs I did not need to buy anymore makeup  need all of this makeup! So sit back, scroll this post and enjoy my purchases!

elf blush palette dark

elf blush palette

E.L.F Studio Blush Palette (Dark), $6

I never knew E.L.F had a blush palette. I have always wanted one but I could never find one that was affordable with colors I would actually use. Look at how pretty these colors are! The packaging is so sleek too!

elf ultimate kabuki brush

E.L.F Ultimate Kabuki Brush, $10

When I saw this brush on the E.L.F website the light from my window shined on me and my computer and all I could hear was angels singing (I swear….). I am always looking for a new contour brush because I am a contour junkie and I love trying out new brushes and techniques to contour. As soon as I saw this I was like oh yeah this could be my new contour brush holy grail!

elf pressed mineral foundation deep

E.L.F Pressed Mineral Foundation (Deep), $6.40

I bought this because Beauty Broadcast on YouTube always raves about this foundation. I have very oily skin and I actually prefer to wear powder foundation year round. I will wear liquid foundations/bb creams occasionally on my face but not regularly. I currently use MAC Studio Fix Powder Foundation and I am happy with it but I am always down to try new powder foundation so I picked this bad boy up!

elf day 2 night eyeshadow

E.L.F Eye Shadow (Day 2 Night), $1

elf eyeshadow luxe

E.L.F Eye Shadow (Luxe), $1

I buy these E.L.F eye shadows whenever I seem them just because I can’t believe that in this world exists amazing eye shadows for $1. If you haven’t tried these shadows you have not lived. Like if you traveled the world, have a successful career and life and you still have not tried these eye shadows you simply still have not lived…just saying!

elf brushes

ELF Studio Brushes:

1) Lash & Brow Comb, $3

2) Powder Brush, $3

3) Angled Foundation Brush, $3

 I have 3 or 4 of these powder brushes I love them to apply powder foundation and liquid foundations/bb creams. I needed the lash & brow brush since I do not have one; I just used  the spooly in my brow gel. I got the angled foundation brush to see if I could contour with it but I have been using it to apply my blush and it works nicely!

Well that’s all beauties! I hope you enjoyed my post. Be sure to check out my last E.L.F Haul Post. I will be doing reviews on some of the products  I have in this haul! Have you bought anything from E.L.F lately? What did you buy?

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8 thoughts on “E.L.F Haul!

  1. They recently came out with a contour brush, like the Mac and Nars ones. I suggest you go into their ‘What’s New’ section on their site, they have some amazing new stuff.
    -Mariam .x

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