Where Have I Been?!?! “I’m now a drawing!”


Hey Beauties!

I missed you! I hope you missed me! It’s been so long since I have blogged that I’m now a drawing! Just kidding, wouldn’t that be weird? haha. I got this drawing done while I was in NY this summer in Times Square.

I have been away developing my skills in education and technology. I have a new job, teaching full-time. I am working on some technology and education licenses and working on a Masters degree. I also have been enjoying the summer with friends and family!

I want to get back to blogging consistently! I have so much to share with you beauties in terms of beauty discoveries! I am going to do my best to keep up with my blog but I am usually good with keeping up with social media so if you ever need your Sunlight Beauty fix follow me on Twitter: @sunlightbeauty1 and Instatgram: @sunlightbeauty1

I am still trying to reach 1,000 beauties (subbies)! When I do I will be doing a giveaway. Vote here on what I should giveaway!

Well beauties please stay tuned on my blog for some new content!

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