Review: Su-Kari Skincare Peaches & Cream

Su Kari Peaches & CreamSu Kari Skincare Peaches & Cream: A rich, organic, whipped blend of African shea butter, mango butter, coconut oil, jojoba oil and Vitamin E.

Price/Where to buy: $12.79 for 8oz & $3.19 for travel size;  can be purchased here.

Product Claim: “Will leave your skin supple, well nourished, and smooth. Plus smells amazing.”-from Sun Kari Website

su kari

The Bad: I can not really think of anything…this is basically the perfect product.The only thing I wish is that the product was sold in stores; so far it is only available online.

su-kari peach butter body butter

The Good: great ingredients, decent price, smells great, leaves skin shiny, moisturized, youthful

su kari swatchSu-Kari Peaches & Cream Whipped Butter rubbed into my skin (see the shine!?)


I love this whipped butter. It is my favorite whipped butter. It smells just like peaches and cream. To this date this whipped butter is my favorite scent of all scents. It leaves my skin moisturized, smooth, shiny and young looking. I will definitely repurchase this product and I do recommend it!

*I received this item in my Cocotique Beauty Box. I won the beauty box in a giveaway.


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