My Updated Makeup Collection

ImageThis is an overview of my makeup collection. Underneath my desk (not seen in picture) I keep my skincare, hair care, nail care, beauty samples and makeup back ups.

ImageThis is a closeup of the top shelf on my desk. Here, I keep my big and small eye shadow palettes and eye/brow/lip pencils.


This is a close up of what is on top of my desk. (Please excuse my mirror it needs to be wiped down 🙂 )


A close up of the 3 draw storage unit on top of my desk to the left.

ImageMy concealers

ImageMy mascaras, most reached for contour powders, most reached for eye shadows

ImageMost reached for highlighter, face powders, eyebrow powder kit

ImageA close up of the 3 draw storage unit on top of my desk to the right.

ImageMy Lippies


More Lippies!

ImageEven more lippies!

ImageA close up of the 3 draw storage unit to the right of my desk.


Highlighters, Blushes, Bronzers, Contour Powders


Single Eyeshadows, Eye Primer, Jumbo Eye Pencils


Foundations,  Face Powders, Primers, Tinted Moisturizers, BB Creams

I hope you enjoyed looking at my makeup collection. To some of you this maybe a lot and to others this maybe too little. I am in the process of redecorating my room so I will be revamping my vanity/makeup storage. Once I have done so I will do an updated post on my Makeup Collection. I will also try to do a few separate blog posts on my foundation, concealer,eye shadow, etc. collection so that you can have a more detailed look at what is actually in my collection.

Be sure to check out my previous makeup collection post!


18 thoughts on “My Updated Makeup Collection

  1. Amazing Collection!! Saw that you had a few L.A. Colors Pro concealers, i’m thinking about getting some to have in my kit. How do you like them? are they any good?

  2. Need to make my collection this neat and tidy… I spy the Iman BB creme, do you find the formula is a bit too illuminating at times? x

    • ooh thanks I’m glad you find it neat, I’m still trying to find better ways to organize my makeup collection, the Iman BB Cream is not too illuminating I like the finish its a semi-matte on me, the only thing with the Iman BB Cream is that it broke me out horribly, I love the iman bb cream but it was not good to my skin for some reason

    • ya, I try to go through my collection a few times a month to get rid of products I don’t use, but I still have a couple of products in my collection that I’m unsure about or just holding on to so that I can do a review on it

  3. You have quite a collection going on 🙂 I like how neat the storage space is, I keep my current faves on the desk and the rest goes in a travel case ready for makeup adventures. Steph x

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