The Most Wearable Purple/Pink Lipstick

nyx fusion lipstick lip swatch

nyx fusion lipstick swatch

nyx fusion lipstick

These are swatches of NYX Lip Smacking Fun Colors Lipstick in LSS 627 Fusion


Very wearable purple/pink lipstick

Great for people who are easing into wearing bold/colorful lips

Cute  packaging/graphics

Looks great on medium/dark/deep skin tones

Does not need a lip liner

Luster finish does not need a lip gloss, but you can pair it with one if you would like


Moisturizing, feels great on the lips, glides on easily, distributes evenly

Looks even better the longer you wear it, as if it adjusts to your lip color/skin tone

Looks great paired with other lipsticks/lip glosses

Unique color

Applies sheer but is buildable

Great price it was only $5.00

No Bueno:

I think this lipstick has been discontinued, but you can get it on

Seasonal color, I think it looks best worn in spring and summer


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