Oh no! I’m late!

I have so much going on lately with work, my internship and putting together my professional portfolio so I need as much sleep as I can get. Usually it takes me at least a solid hour just to do my hair and makeup. I don’t have that time in the morning anymore, so I have been condensing my makeup and hair routine into 15 mins. So here is what I did to achieve this look today in the morning when I was running a little late.

Eyebrows: Jordana brown eyebrow pencil & Bobbi Brown concealer (chestnut)

Lashes: Loreal Carbon Black Mascara

Under-eye/above lip: Bobbi Brown concealer (chestnut)

Face: NYC Primer mixed with Makeup Forever Face & Body Foundation #48 & MAC Blotting Power (deepdark) on top on the t-zone area

Cheeks: Covergirl Queen Collection Bronzer (Ebony Breeze)

Lips: NYC Midtown Mulberry lipgloss

Then I set my face with Elf’s setting spray.


I braided my hair in two sections overnight and took them out in the morning. I created the volume by combing and fluffing my hair with a widetooth comb. Then I put on a black headband from Claire’s.


3 thoughts on “Oh no! I’m late!

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