$16 Weave In Less Than 5 Minutes

I love my new hair! It is a half wig from hairsisters.com called Outre Synthetic Half Wig Quick Weave Yasmine (futura). Here is the link for the hair, http://hairsisters.com/en/half-wigs-fullcap/quick-collection/outre-synthetic-half-wig-quick-weave-yasmine-futura/index.php . I got my hair in 1B which is the hair color I usually purchase.

The wig was only $15.99 and hairsisters.com ships so fast. I received it a couple days after I purchased it online! Today is the first and only time I have worn this half wig and I love it so much!!

It doesn’t look natural in the sense that it does not look as though it is my real hair but it looks like I have a really nice sew in weave with possibly Remi hair quality. Also, the Yasmine wig is not super shiny like many synthetic wigs. If your hair is relaxed or straight you maybe able to blend your hair with this wig and that could make it look a lot more natural. My hair is natural so I would have to flat iron my hair to blend it and I don’t like to use heat on my hair so I used a headband from Claire’s to camouflage the wig-line.

Underneath my wig my hair is in several 2 strand twists and I put a wig cap on top of that. Then I put on the wig. I do not use the pre-attached combs on the wig because they tend to break my hair so I secured my half wig with bobby pins.

I absolutely love this wig. It is so affordable, easy to secure and style. This Yasmine half wig takes minutes to install and it looks like my body wave 16inch from Milky Way weave style that I usually wear. I actually prefer to wear this half wig and many others because I like the versatility of changing my hairstyle and it puts little to no stress on my natural hair.


Do you wear half wigs or wigs?

Have you tried the Outre Yasmine Half Wig? How did you like it?

What other affordable half wigs do you own and enjoy?


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