Victoria’s Secret Semi-Annual Sale

Here is what I got at the Victoria’s Secret Semi-Annual Sale! + 1 item from The Body Shop

1) Wild Scarlet Fragrance Mist, $3.99

2) Tender Whisper Fragrance Mist, $3.99

3) Pink Fresh Vanillas Feel Flirty Body Mist, $2.80

4) Sheer Love Fragrance Mist, $2.00

5) Face Prime, $6.00

6) Camouflage FX Concealer Palette, $9.00

7) The Body Shop Shea Body Butter, $6.00

I was a little disappointed by the Victoria’s Secret Semi-Annual Sale. I went to various stores several times a week during different parts of the day and I did not think that the selection was that great. I go to the Victoria’s Secret sale just about every year. I usually leave with at least 2 full bags but this year I do not believe their prices were low enough to splurge. I did not see any lip glosses which usually go for $1 or $2 and come in various shades. This is the time that I stock up on lip glosses from Victoria’s Secret. I also didn’t really like many of the scents that were on sale, they smelled like alcohol. All in all I thought the sale was low to medium quality. However, I am most happy and excited with the concealer palette and the face prime spray!

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