Skin Care and Makeup Check-list

(Me!! with a full face!)

For some reason I feel like I need more time to get ready in the morning. When I wake up for work I  try to do my makeup in less than 30 minutes and I sometimes forget to apply at least one product. Getting ready to go out on a date or going to the mall is always hard for me because I am thinking about so many things. What to wear? When will the train leave? How much money should I bring? I inevitably will skip a step on my makeup routine due to my brain being on overload.

When I skip a step or a product it doesn’t tremendously alter the look or wear of my makeup but, I have so much makeup and I watch so many make-up tutorials that I feel as though I am doing myself and my wallet an injustice if I do not complete my entire look with all the products needed.

Thus, I have created a Skin-Care & Make-up Check-list so that I will never forget a step. I hope you guys find this useful in developing your personal routine.


  • Wash face with a gentle soap
  • Wash face with acne cleanser (use facial sponge for light exfoliation)
  • Exfoliate twice a week before using acne cleanser
  • Use blackhead strips every 2-3 days
  • On the weekends exfoliate, use a facial mask and frozen cucumber pads
  • Always pat skin dry
  • Use a toner on face
  • Apply eye gel to eye area
  • Use acne lotion on face
  • Moisturize
  • Apply a pore minimizing  lotion or primer
  • Apply lotion to body, deodorant, bodymist/perfume


  • Fill & Shape eyebrows
  • Apply eye makeup
  • Apply eyeliner (wing optional)
  • Apply mascara (2 coats of lengthening mascara, 2 coats of a volume mascara)
  • Fake eye lashes (optional)
  • Apply foundation to face and neck,(Tinted moisturizer, liquid/pressed foundation or mouse w/ powder on top or set with setting spray
  • Apply concealer
  • Contour face
  • Apply blush
  • Apply highlight under the eye, above middle of eyebrows, middle of the nose
  • Line lips
  • Apply lipstick/lip color/ lip gloss
  • Spray a setting spray on your face.

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