Review: Intuition Naturals Sensitive Care

Intuition Naturals Sensitive Care is not the best razor that I have used. The razor frustrates me because it costs $11 at Target and unfortunately I do not believe it is worth the price.

Intuition Naturals Sensitive Care seems extremely dull to me. It seems as though the razor makes my hair grow in faster and when my hair grows back in, my skin becomes very itchy. The razor seems to irritate my underarm skin and it does not cut anywhere close to my skin. It also skips areas of my skin and leaves me with random sections that have not been shaved.  I do not like how the razor handles. The blade pushes in and out of the soap bar while I am shaving. It feels like soap is just gliding on my skin. Almost like the blade isn’t even touching my skin.

The  good thing about Intuition Naturals Sensitive Care is that the soap lathers really well so if the razor actually works well for you, you wouldn’t need to add additional soap or shaving gel/cream to your skin.

Overall, this razor did not work well for me. I will continue to use Venus razors which continue to be my favorite. However, I do not discourage you from purchasing Intuition Naturals Sensitive Care, my really good friend swears by this razor, so try it out and judge for yourself.


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