Topiclear Review: Best Product to Clear Dark Spots

This product is a dark spot blasting machine! It is Topiclear Skin Lightening Cream, $2.59. It is sold at most ethnic beauty supply shops and you can also purchase it online. This product is very affordable and effective. It has greatly lightened if not eliminated many dark spots on my face and scars on my legs.  It is my go to product for clearing up any uneven skin tones.

Topiclear Skin Lightening Cream is can be strong. You have to monitor how light your dark spot gets because your skin may continue to lighten as you apply the product. Topiclear may not stop working when the spot reaches your natural skin tone. It is a skin lightening cream so it will most likely continue to lighten with each application. So, carefully monitor the color of your dark spot and maybe stop applying the cream when you have reached your desired color.

Also this cream contains certain ingredients that should be avoided by harsh sunlight. Even though this product is very effective I do get concerned with using it because it is primarily used to lighten skin so I get nervous that it might overly-lighten my skin complexion. I love my dark chocolate skin so this is a no-no. I tend to use this product on dark spots on my body opposed to my face for fear that I might over lighten. However, I have used it on my face and it has worked fine but I have carefully monitored my color.

My number one tip for this product is to only apply on your dark spots and not on your entire face. Also monitor the lightness of the dark spot so you do not lighten passed your desired color.

Overall I do recommend this product if you have severe or stubborn dark spots. I am still in search of a dark spot lightener that isn’t as strong in power so I am currently trying Clinique Even Better Clinical Dark Spot Corrector, $49.50. I will write a review about this product soon!

In the meantime, try the Topiclear Skin Lightening Cream it is less than $3, so what do you have to lose? Let me know how you like it!


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