Natural Hair Regime (Sample)

This natural hair regime is perfect if you wear your hair with extensions or in long-term protective styles.

Tip: If you do your hair at a salon, make sure to go during non-peak times. This way your hairdresser will be less likely to rush and will put more care and effort toward your hair.

1. Take your hair extensions/protective style down carefully. Have a professional help you if needed.

2. Gently comb/detangle your hair with a wide tooth comb in sections from end to root.

3. (Ideally) Wrap your hair at least overnight with a satin/silk head scarf. It is nice to give your hair as much of a break as possible. Make sure to moisturize your hair. You can put your hair in 2 strand twists to help prevent tangling.

4. Next Day(or whenever you choose), Wash and condition hair with good quality products such as, Mizani,Wella, Afirm etc. Pick a brand (or your natural creation) and stick with it for at least 3-6months.

5. At the very least, also apply a deep conditioner but a protein  treatment is ideal especially if you have had your hair in extensions or braids. Try an Aphogee Protein treatment.

6. Blow Dry on low heat or air dry by sectioning your hair and braiding or twisting it to avoid extreme shrinkage. Have a hairdresser trim your hair, if needed. This is very important especially if you have had braids or extensions because they might cause breakage or split ends.

7.  Have a professional hairdresser apply  hair extensions/protective styles if you are uncomfortable or inexperienced.

8. Moisturize (depending on your hairstyle/hair type) every 1-2 days. Wash/condition/deep condition once a week and cowash 3 days after.

9. Take a multivitamin or hair vitamin everyday.

Tip: Stay consistent with a hair regime. My mom has said this to me for years and I account all my hair mistakes to not being consistent. 

Note: I’m not a professional hairdresser but I’m the girl that has damaged their hair multiple times and repaired it multiple times. So over the years I have learned a thing or two about what to do and what not to do to Black hair. At this point in my hair story I am somewhere in between healthy and unhealthy. Remember,”the girl with 1 strand of hair left will tell you a 100 things not to do with your hair and tell you 1 good tip for how she kept 1 strand”. I have done just about every hair style and tried just about every product on my hair (so I know). From consulting with multiple professionals and out of experience/hair hardship I can tell you this hair regime is a good start to getting healthy growing hair.


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