Setting Weight Loss Goals

Before you begin your weight loss journey you need to identify your goals. My number one goal is to hit my target weight. I am 4’11 so that would be anywhere from 99-125lbs.  By hitting my target weight I hope that I can continue to be healthy, and be more fit. Of course I have aesthetic goals which is simply to look great on my terms. However, (for me) the betterment of health and fitness are my primary goals.

On my desktop computer and on my wall, I write down an approximated weight I would like to be at the beginning of each month. This helps me to visually see my goals and stay on track. If I am about to skip a workout, I look at my wall or computer and see that I want to be 10lbs lighter by the end of the month so that will motivate me to hit the gym.

Along with having long-term goals like losing x amount of weight or running a 5k by x amount of time, you should have short-term goals as well. For instance, know your nutrition goals. Know how many calories/fat, points (WW’s), carbohydrates etc. that you will intake, figure out a way that works best for you to track them. Know what type of exercise you will do to help you lose weight, pick activities that are practical for you. If you don’t like to run then do not run!

Set goals for daily nutrition and fitness. Do some research and run it by your doctor.

In a past blog I briefly documented some of my Weight Watcher’s goals/plans, use this as a base if you are stuck,

Remember the first step to weight loss is not on the treadmill, it is planning. #writethatdown 🙂


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